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Sickies Garage is a Quality Beer Zone

Early Friday evening April 12th, several members of the Prairie Homebrewing Companions presented Sickies Garage with a Quality Beer Zone sign.  They local homebrewing club had these signs made up so they could show their appreciation to local businesses that they felt supported quality beer and the club.  Sickies was the most recent recipient of this sign because of their large tap list of good beers and because of the support Sickies has given the club with their Hoppy Halloween homebrewing competition and more.

The Quality Beer Zone sign being presented to Sickies manager Zack Click by PHC member Eric Sanders

If you see the Quality Beer Zone signs posted in a bar, liquor store or other business, you will know that the local homebrewers appreciate what that business has done promoting quality beer in the community.  More information about the sign can be found at the PHC website.  A full list of businesses that have revived the Quality Beer Zone sign are:

99 Bottles, Moorhead, MN
Atomic Coffee
Moorhead, MN
s Wines & Liquors South University, Fargo, ND
Bridgeview Liquor
Moorhead, MN
Country Cannery
(homebrewing supplies) Moorhead, MN
Fargo Billiards & Gastropub, Fargo, ND
Happy Harry’s Bottle Shop
45th Street, Fargo, ND
Monk’s Pub @ Usher’s House Moorhead, MN
Old Chicago
Fargo, ND
Sickies Garage Fargo, ND
Sidestreet Pub
Fargo, ND
Summit Brewing
St. Paul, MN
Detroit Lakes, MN

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