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Drekker Brewing Company to open brewery in Fargo

I met with the guys from Drekker Brewing a couple weeks ago when their social media first went live.  They have been working towards this for years and I am looking forward to their beer and taproom.  They sent out this press release this morning, 2/17/2014.

Drekker Brewing Company to open brewery, taproom in Fargo, N.D.

Handcrafted for the Viking in all of us”

FARGO N.D., FEBRUARY 17, 2014 — Four local beer enthusiasts have announced the opening of Drekker Brewing Company, a craft brewery that will soon be coming to Fargo. The Drekker Brewing Company name pays tribute to the Scandinavian heritage prominent in the region and dear to the founders. The word DREKKERis a combination of the Old Norse words; drekka – to drink, drykkr – a draft drink, and drakkar – the feared viking dragon ship.

Drekker Brewing Company will create handcrafted beers of extraordinary quality and a unique taproom experience in which to share them,” said Mark Bjornstad, president and co-founder of Drekker Brewing Company.

Along with Bjornstad, Drekker Brewing Company is founded by Darin Montplaisir, Jesse Feigum, and Mason Montplaisir. All four are from the Fargo-Moorhead area and are very excited to make a positive impact on the local community.

Craft breweries have a reputation for catalyzing community involvement and supporting local charities. We have some fun ideas planned for Fargo-Moorhead,” adds Bjornstad.

The company is having their brewhouse built by Bennett Forgeworks, a custom brewery fabrication company in Rigdway, CO. Along with the brewhouse, Drekker Brewing will use fermentation and conditioning tanks made by Portland Kettle Works in Portland, OR.

We are committed to supporting American manufacturers that share our passion for craft brewing and produce high-quality equipment” said Bjornstad.

Brewing operations will be run by Darin Montplaisir, head brewer and co-founder.

We believe in a hand-crafted approach to brewing and this will be evident in every aspect of the brewery. I was trained to do everything by hand and we chose a brewing system that continues this philosophy. It requires rigid oversight and manual labor, but allows us to impart our passion and character into every Drekker beer,” explains Montplaisir.

The group hopes to be open by late 2014 and as that approaches, Drekker Brewing will release more details about its location, product lineup, and taproom opening date.


Fast Facts

The Founders:

    + Mark Bjornstad:      President

    + Darin Montplaisir:     Head Brewer

    + Jesse Feigum:     Head of Nerdery

    + Mason Montplaisir:     Engineer

The Brewery

+ Brewing System: Bennett Forgeworks custom-made 10 BBL direct-fired brewing system made in Ridgway, CO.

+ Fermentation Vessels: 10 BBL conical fermenters made by Portland Kettle Works in Portland, OR.

+ Conditioning Tanks: 10 BBL brite beer tanks made by Portland Kettle Works in Portland, OR.

+ Brewing Capacity: Approximately 1,000 BBL/year

+ Availability: Pints, flights, and growlers available at the Drekker Brewing Taproom as well as on tap at area restaurants and bars.

For more information:

+Website: www.DrekkerBrewing.com

+ Facebook: www.facebook.com/DrekkerBrewing

+ Twitter: www.Twitter.com/DrekkerBrewing

+ Downloads: www.DrekkerBrewing.com/media (High resolution)

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