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American Craft Beer Week 2014

ACBW2014May 12th-18th is American Craft Beer Week so go enjoy some handcrafted beer made by a small and independent craft brewery and celebrate with other beer lovers at a local bar or taproom during one of the many events being held during this week and enjoy the ever advancing beer culture here in the U.S.

Here is a list of all the events in the Fargo/Grand Forks area – check the event calendar for details and all events happening this week.

Monday May 12th
JL Beers Downtown Fargo – Cask of North Coast’s Red Seal Ale
JL Beers West Fargo – Bell’s Third Coast Ale vertical of 2011, 2012 and 2013 versions

Tuesday May 13th
JL Beers Moorhead – Ballast Point Sculpin infused with Grapefruit and Oranges
Fargo Brewing Company None More Black Russian Imperial Stout on tap

Wednesday May 14th
JL Beers Moorhead – Ballast Point Big Eye infused with Chinook hops
Fargo Brewing Company Right Near Da Beach on tap (coconut infused rum barrel aged porter on nitro)
JL Beers Grand Forks – Cask of 2013 Flying Dog Barrel-Aged Gonzo
Bridgeview Liquors – Deschutes Brewing free tasting from 5:00-7:00PM

Thursday May 15th
JL Beers Downtown FargoSour-Bration – 7 different sour beers on tap
JL Beers South Fargo – Cask of Brau Bros Chocolate Cherry Moo Joos Milk Stout
Zorbaz in Detroit Lakes – Junkyard Brewing Tap Takeover
99 Bottles  – Third Thursday Beer Tasting from 5:00-8:00PM
JL Beers West Fargo – Boulevard’s Tank 7 Saison infused with lemon peel & with peppercorns
Würst Bier Hall – Deschutes Brewing Tap Takeover
Fargo Brewing Company Live at P.J.’s Farmhouse Pale Ale on tap
JL Beers Moorhead – JL Beers’ Frackin’ Black Ale cask
Happy Harry’s Bottles Shops – Spring Beer Tastings at 45th Street in Fargo and both GF locations from 5:00-7:00PM
JL Beers Grand Forks – Cask of JL’s own Dry-Hopped Frackin’ Black Ale

Friday May 16th
Fargo Brewing Company Smoke You smoked porter on tap
JL Beers Moorhead – Brau Brothers Party Girl Coffee Black IPA Cask
JL Beers Grand Forks – Cask of Third Street Pineapple Spotlight IPA
Brick & Barley Bar & Restaurant in GF – Cask of Empyrean Brewing’s Dark Side Vanilla Porter Infused with Chocolate and Chia
JL Beers South Fargo – Brau Bros Ring Neck Braun Ale infused with Coconut
JL Beers West Fargo Cask of JL Beers own Frackin’ Black Ale
JL Beers Downtown Fargo – Cask of their own fresh hopped Frakin’ Black Ale

Saturday May 17th
JL Beers Moorhead – Cask of Surly FURIOUS dry-hopped with Simcoe hops
JL Beers Grand Forks – Cask of Third Street Cranberry Lost Trout
Fargo Brewing Company – Raspberry Infused Scottish Ale on tap
JL Beers West Fargo – Cask of Brau Brothers Oakes Juniper Sheephead IPA


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I drank my share of pale lagers back in college in the 80's but I always wanted to try more, often drinking the 'dark' versions of beer as that was the only interesting thing on tap. I got into homebrewing in the early 90's meeting a lot of great people and then really started learning about beer and how to judge it. Then into the 00's I started branching out with beer and started to deal with beer education and paring beer with food which I did with some restaurants, even beating out wine in a beer vs. wine dinner. I don't try and push beer on people but if they ask questions and really want to listen, I can talk for hours about the subject. Now we come to today, and beer scene in the Fargo / Moorhead area and North Dakota is starting to boom. FMBeer was created with the help of MNBeer.com so people in the F/M area have a single place where they can find out more about good beer, from a calendar of events to lists of local breweries and bars. FMBeer is also a place to learn more about craft beer for those just branching out and a resource to come back to.