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FMBeer Map – Find your way to good beer

FMBeer has set up a Google Map of all the area Breweries, Bars & Restaurants, and Beer Stores.

The map is set up with 3 sections and initially only the Breweries are displayed. Click on the icon in the upper left to open the map menu and there you can click to display the other sections.

Breweries have red markers with those not open yet in orange.

Bars & Restaurants are blue markers with those opening soon in purple.

Beer Stores are have yellow markers.

Click here to open the map on a new page

The shape of the marker varies by location so when you look at the menu on the left, you can tell the general location.

Fargo/Moorhead area locations have upside down teardrop markers.

Bismarck/Mandan locations are marked with stars.

Grand Forks/East Grand Forks locations are marked with circles.

Other Minnesota locations are marked with diamonds.

Minot and western ND locations are marked with squares.


If you know of bar, restaurant or beer store that is not listed but you think should be added. Please let me know at dean@fmbeer.com. Any other suggestions for the map are also welcome.




Sunday Sales bill introduced to MN Senate

From the MN Beer Activists page: http://mnbeeractivists.com/legislativeevents/sunday-sales-bill-sf-0225-introduced-to-minnesota-senate

DFL Senator Roger Reinert
and GOP Senator Jeremy Miller crossed party lines to author SF 0225, a bill to finally ease the prohibition on Sunday off-sale liquor purchases in Minnesota.

The bill would allow off-sale establishments to operate on Sundays if they choose to be open. In addition to Sundays, the bill would allow sales on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

“We are a free market society, consumers can make choices and people of faith who don’t want to shop on Sunday can make that choice, others who want to can,” said Sen. Reinert. “We just really don’t need the government telling a business when it can be open and when it can’t be.”

Sen. Reinert said it is all about giving the consumers what they want and giving businesses options. Sunday sales could generate anywhere between $15 million to $150 million in tax revenue.

After the initial reading the bill was referred to the Senate Commerce Committee. If the Senate Commerce Committee Chair James P. Metzen (52, DFL) decides to hear the bill it will continue to move along in the political process.  If Committee Chair Metzen decides not to hear the bill it will likely never make it to the floor.


To keep up with the latest information on this bill, to to the MN Beer Activists page: http://mnbeeractivists.com/

Hopslam is coming on January 28th

Bell’s Hopslam is a Double IPA brewed with honey that has quite a following.  It is only available for a limited time in limited amounts and thus is not cheap.

99 Bottles and Bridgeview liquors have announced that they will be getting in their shipments of Hopslam on Monday January 28th and once it is in, they will limit sales to 2 6-packs per person that initial day.

Bernies in Fargo will be getting their shipment on the 28th too and they will be allowing people to buy it by the case if you want.

Other liquor stores and bars will be getting in their own shipments but no word from any others yet on exact dates or limits.  Last year Hopslam sold quick but enough made it into the F/M market that you could still pick up a 6-pack a couple weeks after it was released.