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Hello from the “New Kid”

Here to drink your beer. Ryan Anderson.

Greetings from a recent Twin Cities’ transplant. I’m Ryan Anderson and I’ll be helping with FMBeer.com for the foreseeable future. About 10 years ago I started another website that you may be familiar with – MNBeer.com. And about three years ago, we cloned many of the elements of that site over to FMBeer.com, with local beer guy Dean Gundberg at the helm. Dean has worked tirelessly to keep this site active – I’ve mostly just ensured that it is functional and easy on the eyes.

My family and I relocated to the F/M area to be closer to all of our parents and to step away from ridiculous commutes. We both enjoyed our jobs (Hell, I worked at Brewers Supply Group… I loved my job), but wanted a change in order to slow our worlds down a bit, so here we are.

I spent my formative years in Fergus Falls, looking to Fargo as the “big city.” The music scene in Fargo drew me here in the early 90s and I spent a few years involved with the music and ‘zine world while in high school and college. During that time I developed a love for “dark beer” at Ralph’s Corner Bar in Moorhead (RIP), and then a palate expansion thanks to the Great Northern on Broadway and a few liquor stores that carried a variety of what we used to call “Microbrews.”

It’s been nearly twenty years since I’ve lived here, but I’m glad to be back. Our first two months here have been a whirlwind of moving, paperwork, acclimating, construction and more paperwork (selling a house is a lot of work). I’ve also been playing the role of stay-at-home Dad while we’ve been getting settled. Life is starting to get a little less crazy and I’m looking forward to connecting with local beer nerds, reps and brewery folks soon. We’re tossing around the thought of a FMBeer-related meetup sometime in the not-so-distant future. Drop us a line if you’re interested!

I’m also in the process of finding my dream-gig in Fargo/Moorhead. Most recently I’ve been working as a designer with the marketing team at Brewers Supply Group. Before that, I was the advertising manager for a Twin Cities ski/bike/paddle/camp outdoor store. Whatcha’ got Fargo/Moorhead?

Looking forward to drinking more of your beers!


Submit Your Own Events

So, uh, we took our sweet time with this one, but we are proud to announce that as of today, you can submit your own events to FMBeer.com. Pretty sweet, eh? Click here to check it out.

Once your submit your event, it’ll be routed to us for approval. Once approved, it goes live.

These are truly exciting times we live in…



SB 2284 Brewer Taproom License bill passes the House 92-0

SB 2284, the Brewer Taproom License bill, was passed by the ND House of Representatives on March 14th with a 92-0 vote in favor.  Thanks to everyone who supported this bill and contacted their Representative for this bill.

It is now off to the Governor’s desk for him to sign the bill which he should due to the overwhelming support this bill has gotten in both the Senate and the House.

FMBeer.com needs your feedback

FMBeer.com has been live for a couple months now and we need your feedback on how we are doing.

Has this site been filling a need for you on beer news for the Fargo/Moorhead area and beyond?  Are we missing something that should be covered?  Can we do things better?

Have you ‘liked’ FMBeer.com on Facebook?  Are you following FMBeer.com on Twitter?  Have you told all your beer friends about this site?

Good or bad, please send in your thoughts to dean (at) FMBeer.com or comment on this post so we can fix any problems and make the site better.
If  you think everything is perfect already, let us know that too as we would like to see who is out there using this site too.

One more thought, would you be interested in an FMBeer.com organized event at a local establishment to mingle with other people in the area interested in good beer and maybe we could get something special on tap too?

JL Beers WF Taps New Beers

JL Beers has tapped some new beers:  Boulevard Stingo, Deschutes Green Lakes, and Fargo Beer Coompany Oktoberfest