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Beer & Charcuterie Dinner

Beer & Charcuterie Dinner

Date(s) - 10/29/18
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Junkyard Brewing
1416 1st Ave N
Moorhead, MN

If you like beer and you like charcuterie, then you’re going to love this Beer Dinner! (Say “shar-cue-ter-ee”; it means ‘cured meats’)

What is “charcuterie”? It’s the branch of cooking that involves prepared meat products, and for this beer dinner we are talking about the fancier stuff, like pâté, terrine, salami, prosciutto, coppa, mortadella, ‘nduja, and pancetta, to name just a few. (And if you only recognize a couple of those names, you should definitely get a ticket and come learn about the rest of them!) In a traditional sense, charcuterie was the various ways in which meat was preserved before the advent of refrigeration, often involving some sort of fermentation process with preservative salts and spices. Today, people love charcuterie for the unique, delicious flavors resulting from that preservation process!

This beer dinner will feature Beer & Charcuterie pairings selected by Chef Ryan Nitschke from Luna and Aaron Juhnke of Junkyard Brewing Co. Each person will get four 1/2 pint tulips of beer paired with meats from Luna, plus crackers and a few tasty snacks and sauces selected by Chef Ryan. Additionally, Ryan and Aaron will discuss the meats, the beers, and why they taste so good together.

We are limiting this event to 38 tickets, so get yours quickly!

Contact Junkyard Brewing Co with any additional questions via our email address: junkyardbrewingco@gmail.com