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Beer School is Back!

With craft beer showing up all over and more people deciding they like beer with flavor, it is time for Beer School to go back in session.  This expanded world of good beer can be overwhelming so FMBeer has partnered up to put on Beer School classes to help the people new to good beer and expand the knowledge of those who have beer here a while.


Get your tickets to these events at W Event Planning

All Beer School events will be held at Square One Kitchen & Event Center – 1407 1st Ave N, Fargo

Beer School is sponsored by Fargo Underground


Blind IPA Tasting

Wednesday March 4th, 6:30PM
Calling all Hop Heads!  Take away the labels and the hype and determine which IPA tastes the best.  The most popular style of craft beer is the IPA so we will try 10 different IPAs to determine which is best, but the tasting will be blind so you don’t know what brand you are drinking so you can focus just on the flavor.  Plus we will start off with some palate calibration where you can expand your taste vocabulary in order to better describe the IPAs you will be tasting.

Beer 101

Tuesday April 7th, 6:30PM
There is so much more to beer than the pale yellow lagers advertised during football and NASCAR.  This class will give someone new to good beer a broad understanding of beer while someone more experienced is sure to learn a lot too.  It will cover the history of beer, the brewing process, the ingredients in beer, beer myths and marketing speak, beer styles, pairing beer with food, and serving good beer.  Attendees will also take home a Samuel Adams Perfect Pint glass.

Pairing Beer with Food

Wednesday May 6th, 6:30PM
This is not a Beer Dinner where you get a full meal along with beer to go with each course.  This event is more of a tapas experience with smaller bites of food with a beer pairing and each will highlight a different principle in pairing beer and food.  With more pairings to try, you will leave with a better understanding on how beer can pair with nearly any food and how you can choose the right beers yourself to fit any meal.

Beer School Survey

FMBeer.com is working with Hot Dish Fargo to bring you some fun beer events but we need to know which ones people would like to attend.  So please take a few minutes to take a quick survey on the ideas we have come up with and that will help us out.

The survey is now closed.
Thank you to everyone who filled out the survey.

The top rated events were:|
– Beer and Food
– Big Flavors, Big Beers
– FM Beer Tour
– Beer and Cheese
– Beer Sensory Evaluation

Beer and Cheese will be the first class of Beer School on March 5th so sign up here

We hope to have an ongoing series of ‘Beer School’ events where people can be exposed to craft beer if they are new to beer with flavor, explore different aspects to beer like pairing beer with food when they are more comfortable with craft beer, or touch on more advanced topics like blind tastings and sensory evaluations of beer.

We will take your suggestions too so if you don’t see a class or event you would be interested in, please let us know.