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Bird Dog Brewing is making beer

MainStreetBirdDogBird Dog Brewing of Mandan, ND completed their licensing and construction in December of 2014 and their beer went on tap at Main Street Drive Thru Liqour  at 12:01 AM on January 1st 2015.

Their first beers were a Bitter Stout and a Cider Ale:
“The stout is a 120 min stout with great malt flavor to add to the bitter approx. 120 ibu stout.”
“Then we have a crisp tart apple cider with a light malt, cinnamon, and clove note in the finish.”

Their next beer will be Brandy’s strawberry blonde.

They have a 3.5 bbl system that can expand to 7 bbl fairly easily.
Iniatially Bird Dog Brewing beers will be served exclusively at Main Street Drive Thru Liquor (1005 East Main Street, Mandan, ND) with plans to open distribution beyond that location once all the bugs are ironed out and they ramp up production.

Stop back for more information about Bird Dog Brewing coming soon.


Bird Dog Brewing will be making beer in Mandan

On December 18th at Main Street Drive Thru Liquor, Dennis Kwandt announced that Bird Dog Brewing was coming to town.

Bird Dog Brewing LLC is going to be in Mandan at 1005 east main St. (Main Street Drive Through Liquor). we have our brew house on the way, fermenters and kegs to follow, but we still have a few hurdles to jump. We have our city license, we are working on the state and then Federal, with other hurdles mixed in like construction. The earliest possible to serve would be March. Bird Dog will be serving 4 Taps at first, we have a 3.5 bbl system and can expand to 7bbl fairly easy. We will be serving at Main street and once all the bugs are ironed out we will ramp up and distribute from there as well. I saw it as a win win to partner with them, I can stick to brewing and they can serve, plus you can get other great craft beers there(they are ramping up to 20 taps other than Bird Dogs) plus full wine and liquor service. If you are interested in looking us up we have a web site that is under construction and will eventually have face book as well. You can find us at