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Drumconrath Brewing is back with gofundme

Drumconrath Brewing hopes to be the next brewery in Fargo and they have started a gofundme to help work out some of the startup costs for the brewery.  There are lots of great rewards again. Check it out and help them get up and running!


North Dakota is known for being remote, cold, and having the highest per capita beer consumption in the nation.  What North Dakota isn’t known for is great beer.  North Dakota’s 2013 Legislative Assembly worked to try and change that, by overturning an outdated law that all but forbade the production of beer in the state.  With new laws in place, a handful of small breweries have opened up in North Dakota trying to bring great beer to our craft beer impoverished state.  The Drumconrath Brewing Company wants to joint the battle against macro-brewed, average beer, but what we need is your help.  Funds will help us buy equipment large enough to satisfy our immediate needs and allow us the capacity to grow with our community! Funds will also help us secure our location and begin the build-out process.  Lets not leave this great state out in the cold!  North Dakota deserves great beer!

Drumconrath Brewing benefits from its small scale in that it can regularly rotate beer styles on tap, keeping the beer menu fresh and exciting! There will also be a few staple beers that are almost always on tap. The brewery will also benefit from having FOUR NITRO TAPS!!! Why? Because nitro is fun!

Drumconrath250Our staple beers will include…
     Drumconrath Irish Dry Stout
     Up the Drums Red Ale
     Gael Abú IPA
     Old Centralia Pale Ale
     Captain Farrell English Bitter
Our rotating beers to include…
     Cascadian Dark Ale
     American Oatmeal Stout 
     English Strong Bitter
     Scottish Ale
     Apple Cider/Graff
     A number of Almost Gluten Free* (AGF) brews!
And many more! And anything we get a wild hair to make!
*Cannot be marketed as gluten free as they are made on the same equipment as gluten containing beer. However, these beers are made strictly from gluten free ingredients.

     Folk Fridays – Local folk, bluegrass, and traditional musicians will be showcased, bringing that rural pub feel to America’s heartland.
     Local art – We will regularly showcase art and exhibitions from local artists, giving them another venue to engage the community and bring more of the community to our taproom!
     Games, puzzles and more! A wide variety of board and card games, puzzles and special game events…because come on, who doesn’t like a good old fashioned skipbo! tournament?

Drumconrath Brewing can be found on facebook at www.facebook.com/drumconrathbrewing and on twitter @drumconrathbeer

Drumconrath Brewing is coming to Fargo with a Kickstarter

Drumconrath Brewing Company is planning to be the next brewery to open in the Fargo/Moorhead area in the Fall of 2015.

UPDATE – 6/24/2015 from Drumconrath:

Well our Kickstarter didn’t succeed. Big thanks to every that pledged! This is just another bump in the road. No one ever said starting a business was easy right?!

On the upside, the Fields of Athenry Wheat Ale I made a couple weeks ago is amazing.

I’ve also got a few howlers that I might hand out here in the near future, empty of course (don’t want to commit any felonies)

Thanks again for your support and stay tuned for updates!

Press Release May 21st:

Fargo, North Dakota, May 22, 2015: Another brewery coming to Fargo. The Drumconrath Brewing Company is planning on opening its doors fall 2015. Named for a small village in Co Meath, Ireland, the brewery’s taproom will be modeled after a rural Irish pub. The brewery will showcase a number of Irish, American, Scottish, and English brews. The upstart hasn’t nailed down an exact location, but is actively looking for the right spot. Drumconrath Brewing is launching its Kickstarter Campaign today. “I’m hoping the community can help get this dream to reality,” says proprietor Sam Corr, “Because that’s what pubs are really about in Ireland, bringing the community together. Community sports, community arts, community in general…all around a good pint.” Drumconrath Brewing can be found on facebook at www.facebook.com/drumconrathbrewing and on twitter @drumconrathbeer


The village crest of Drumconrath Ireland