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Fargo Brewing Company is Brewing in Fargo

July 23rd is the day that the Fargo Brewing Company fired up their system to make their first full batch of Stone’s Throw Scotch Ale in their new brewery in Fargo.

They documented the occasion with a video posted on YouTube that also includes a tour of their brewery showing the work they have done and the work they still have to do.

Fargo Brewing Co’s Equipment Arrives

Last Tuesday a semi trailer of brewing equipment showed up on Fargo Brewing Companies door.  This is one big step closer to them brewing in Fargo instead of contracting a WI brewery to make their beers.

Plans are to get it up and running in the next couple of months and then start brewing all of their keg beers in Fargo.  A canning line should show up in August and after that is up and running, all beer will be brewed in Fargo and nothing in WI.

Local news stations had some remotes from the Fargo Brewing Company: http://www.valleynewslive.com/story/22445161/fargo-brewing-company-closer-to-brewing-in-fargo

A time laps video of the brewing are being set up: http://vimeo.com/user18643202/review/67313597/e6b85e0313
6/5/2013:  Fargo Brewing added a video tour of their brewery: http://youtu.be/b1yJwvkMTyk

Fargo Brewing puts down payment on brewhouse

The following update was posted on Facebook by the Fargo Brewing Company on 12/28:

Brewery Update:

Down payment made today on a 20 bbl brewhouse, 4 – 40 bbl fermenters, 2 – 40 bbl jacketed bright tanks, and all the trimmings!

We are buying from Metalcraft Fabrication in Portland, OR (American made), and will have the capacity to produce over 4,000 bbls a year.

All of this takes a while to manufacture, but should arrive in Fargo by early summer. 2013 is looking good so far!




Fargo Brewing Co Files for Brewery License

The Fargo Brewing Company has posted the following update on Facebook today:

Fargo Brewery Update (warning: lengthy post):

Fargo City Commissioners “Received and Filed” a new brewery license yesterday. It still needs to go through the 1st, 2nd and 3rd readings before it is enacted.

We have an existing building in Fargo selected. The deal is not final yet, but is moving forward. We are not releasing the address until it is final.

Our financing for equipment and renovations is also moving forward. We hope to start posting updates on that soon.

We are very excited to move forward, but also want to be careful not to make announcements before these things are finalized. Stay tuned, thanks for your support!