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Little Deep Beer Co in Minot Crowdfunding – Updated 11/10/14

UPDATE per Facebook on 11/10/2014:
As you may know, we didn’t reach our goal on our IndieGoGo campaign which means nobody should receive a charge from them as we did not receive any funds.

But don’t worry, we have been hard at work the last few weeks ripping apart our business plan and starting to rebuild it with a new audience, location(s) and a few new ideas inside.

It will be a few more weeks until it is ready and distributed to those that have expressed interest in helping us build in Minot.

Thanks to everyone that contributed to our project! We sincerely appreciate the gesture.


Little Deep Beer Company was founded in 2011 (then called Little Deep Brewing Company*) on the mission to bring craft beer to Minot. Since their inception, they have encountered numerous set-backs to our plans mostly from location related issues.

LittleDeepBeerAfter years of trying to establish their own brewery; they made a decision to switch gears and try another method, contract brewing with their beer being produced by another ND brewery and then building their own brewery once they are established.

They are trying to raise an additional $35,000 beyond their current financing to make this project happen to it’s full potential.

They are working through IndieGoGo to raise these finds giving several awards in addition to beer karma in return.  Depending on the amount you pledge, you can receive beer coasters, bottle openers, SiliPints, t-shirts, invitations to the Lauch Party and more.  At the $750 level, Little Deep founder Jon Lakoduk will come to your party with some swag and talk about beer.  At the top $1000 level, you can work it out with Little Deep what you want in return.

Little Deep Beer Company IndiGoGo campaign link

This crowdfunding campaign to get more beer made in Minot will run through October 20th, 2014.

*For legal reasons, they must call themselves Little Deep Beer Company…for now.