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Prairie Rose Meadery is Open

PrairieRoseMeaderyPrairie Rose Meadery is now open at 3109 31st St SE, Suite E, South Fargo (just west of the Flying J Travel Plaza).  Hours are Thursday 5-9pm, Friday 4-11pm, Saturday 11am-11pm, Sunday noon-6pm.
Prairie Rose Meadery on Facebook

Prairie Rose Meadery website

Mead is a honey wine but it is so much more. Its origins go back thousand and thousands of years. The ancient Greeks called mead, Ambrosia, or Nectar. It was believed to be the drink of the gods. In Norse mythology a draught of mead, delivered by the beautiful divine maidens, was the reward for warriors that reached Valhalla.

PRMsampler3 meads are currently available at Prairie Rose Meadery’s tasting room, a traditional mead with just honey, a ginger mead and a blackberry mead.  Additional meads are fermenting and will be available soon.

You have several options at the tasting room.  A sampler will give you smaller pours so you can  taste 3 meads.  Larger pours of a glass of mead are availabe plus you can buy bottles of the mead to take home.  Soda and cheese & meat platters are also available for you to snack on while you are there.

PRMmeatcheeseThe tasting room is carpeted and very comfortable with a long bar plus several tables and a couple sofas to relax while you taste the mead.  The tables are custom made with a prairie rose routed and stainted in middle.

There are large windows in the doors going to the brewing area where you can see all the stainless steel tanks with quick tours avaiable if you ask.





Prairie Rose Meadery Kickstarter

PrairieRoseMeaderyMead is a honey wine but it is so much more.  Its origins go back thousand and thousands of years.  The ancient Greeks called mead, Ambrosia, or Nectar. It was believed to be the drink of the gods.  In Norse mythology a draught of mead, delivered by the beautiful divine maidens, was the reward for warriors that reached Valhalla.

Prairie Rose Meadery is coming to Fargo in the Summer of 2015 and will be brewing their award winning meads.  They would like your help with finishing up a couple areas through some Kickstarter fundrasing – Prairie Rose Meadery Kickstarter.  This Kickstarter will run through March 11th.

PrairieRoseTanksOur meadery is almost ready to open. We have all of our tanks, pumps, filters, honey and much more, but we have two areas that still need attention, our tasting room and bottling. We have done our best to furnish the tasting room but we are still in need of good tables and mead racks and will use donated funds to purchase these for the tasting room.  We also plan to use some of the funding to purchase a bottle corker for the production area.  Working hard on something we love as much as mead is truly rewarding but long term corking bottles by hand will be a challenge that impacts operations and everyone involved with the meadery. Getting this meadery going has truly been a labor of love so far and we are so excited to start making our mead and sharing it with all of you.

Rewards for the Kickstarter range from a customized cork screw, a personal tour of the meadery, logo t-shirts, and a set of meadery glasses to a Mead Chalice that will stay at the meadery for your personal use, helping make a batch or mead, designing the recipe of a mead and even naming the mixing or fermentation tanks.

North Dakota produces more honey than any other state so it is fitting to take that local project and transform it to the nectar of the gods. You can help by donating to their Kickstarter.

Brewery Construction Season

The Summer of 2014 is turning into ‘Brewery Construction Season’ with a new brewery building up, another brewing setting up a new location with a taproom, and the area’s first meadery their production area and tasting room.  For more pictures and updates, check out the Facebook pages for each of these businesses.

Junkyard Brewing – New Brewery with a taproom

Junkyard Brewing is moving from their current location in the back of the Country Cannery at 1320 1st Ave. N. in Moorhead a couple blocks east to a new location with more room to grow the brewery and space for a taproom.  Their new address will bee 1416 1st Ave. N.

Some of the work done so far includes a new water line installed, cutting up the cement floor for drains and the filling the trenches, framing the new brewing area and removing the old garage doors so they can be replaced with new insulated ones with windows.  Junkyard Brewing on Facebook

JunkyardFraming  Junkyardmixer

Prairie Rose Meadery – Building a production area with tasting room

Mead is fermented honey and water that may have some spices or fruit added.  There are not that many meaderies in the United States but we are getting one here in Fargo.  Prairie Rose Meadery is building their production area with a tasting room in the 3100 block of 39th Street South in Fargo.  It took a while to get the lease worked out but construction is finally in progress, again cutting of the floor for drains is needed.  They hope to be open by late summer or early fall.  Prairie Rose Meadery on Facebook


Drekker Brewing – Building the brewery and taproom

Drekker Brewing recently got in a big shipment of stainless steel tanks from their supplier, Portland Kettle Works.  They broke through the brick wall in the back of their location at 630 1st Ave N, Suite 6 in Fargo so they could add a garage door in order to handle large loads like these tanks and all the grain that they will need in the future.   Drekker Brewing on Facebook

DrekkerTanklift  DrekkerTanksetup

Prairie Rose Meadery is coming to Fargo

Prairie Rose Meadery is coming to South Fargo and hopes to be open later this year.  Mead is a fermented honey wine that may be flavored with fruits or spices and has been around for thousands of years.  It’s taste, aroma and palate sensation is like no other beverage and really needs to be experienced to be appreciated.

2014 is looking to be a breakout year for craft beverages in the Fargo/Moorhead area.  With breweries, a distillery and now a meadery all in development, consumers will have a much wider choice  of locally made beverages available to fit all sorts of tastes.

Prairie Rose Meadery is the dream of Susan and Bob Ruud who are experienced and award winning homebrewers who last year won the gold medal in the traditional mead category at the National Homebrew Competition.  They also won the gold medal in the same category back in 2006.

They plan to produce Traditional Mead (honey only), Melomel (Fruit Mead) and Metheglin (Spiced Mead) using ingredients mostly from North Dakota.  Their mead will be available in bottles and by the glass at a tasting room at the meadery which will be located off of 32nd Avenue South in Fargo, west of I-29.

For more information and updates on their progress, you can go to their website: prairierosemeadery.com